About Les Sampou Music

     Welcome to my music page. My songs have been featured in many film, TV, and commercial projects. Browse through samples of my catalog by genre which cover a wide variety of  moods and topics. I specialize in writing lyric driven music using modern, visual prose and universal themes.  I  (and my collaborators) own the publishing rights and the masters to the majority of my entire catalog.  I collaborate with talented producers, musicians and writers, first and foremost as part of a production team with EDWARD GRENGA.  

     Ed is a composer, songwriter and producer from Boston whose company HANDSOME BROTHERS MUSIC, INC.  was one the top music houses in Boston, specializing in composition and sound design for Film & TV, jingles, and corporate image pieces since 1990.  Ed now does film scoring and songwriting full time. 

    Together we have over 30  years of experience in music production and songwriting, a top shelf group of studio musicians, and a full service recording studio in Boston, MA.  We can help you find the right music for your film or TV project. And, if you are looking for something specific, we’ll write it. Fast, custom, and at competitive rates

 I  hope you enjoy listening and feel free to contact me and we can chat about how I can help you achieve your ideal  musical goals.

~Les Sampou